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Amber O’Neill from Mottram St Andrew village in England is a paintball beast to everyone who knows her. If she is not shooting paintballs, she is probably living her second life as a professional respiratory therapist.

Amber fell in love with paintball when she was 7-years old when her father took her to the nearest paintball arena around Cheshire county. It was a rush of adrenaline and at the same time passion for Amber the first time she shot someone with a paintball gun.

Ever since then, Amber became a regular at several paintball centres in the county.

Her Own Paintball Arena

Back in 2015, Amber funded a community-wide paintball competition for children under-18. It was back in mid-July at a small open field in the county. Amber, with help from her friends, put-up barricades and obstacles to maximize the experience. It was a great turnout and more than 90 young individuals joined in.

The event was called the “Massive Attack Paintball” or MAP which later became one of the top paintball centres and online magazines in the entire UK.

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