Are you sick and tired of getting eliminated early in a paintball match all the time? Well if you are, then you are surely doing something wrong or another explanation is that your opponents are more experienced. That is why we have decided to share some of our awesome tips to help you out conquer the battlefield and your foes. Aim In paintball, there is a difference between pointing your gun towards something or someone and aiming it. The best way to aim is to look along the top of your gun’s barrel. This way, you’ll fire more accurate shots. Forget about what you seeRead More →

Here in the UK, you’ll never run out of things to do. There is always something new to discover or something new to experience. Before you give this a read, first think hard about what a typical weekend looks like for you? Now, let’s begin. Live Online Casino Gambling Online gambling is old news, live online casino gambling is the big thing today. Online gambling is a convenient way millions of people play casino games in the comfort of their own home. Through basic online casino evaluation, it is just like playing video games where you can win or lose money. Live online casino isRead More →

There are quite a few karting tracks and venues here in London. Most of them suitable for all ages, not just for kids. We have determined our top 3 karting tracks in the city, and we want to share it with all of you. These are the best tracks to go crazy and just spin the day away. Rye House in Rye Rd, Hoddesdon Rye House is a favourite family destination as it offers something of value for each member of the family. Rye House shelters one of the most historic and engaging tracks in London. The venue itself is closely similar to a realRead More →

Every year in the UK, several paintball tournaments and events take place across the country. Thousands of people wanting a piece of all the paintball action gather, no matter their age. But, if you want to witness paintball brilliance and chaos, there are two particular yearly events here. We have Mayhem and of course the CPPS. Mayhem Every year at the Patch Park in Abridge, Essex, Mayhem Paintball stages one of the biggest paintball competitions in the country. Every year more than 600 players participate, and they form teams. Only the best gets to win of course. Mayhem is a 3-day event pitting paintball teamsRead More →