Rage Rally

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Single seater 690cc custom built off road rally karts built by Rage Motorsports UK. These Race derived Karts have slip differentials for high speed cornering and drifting and 12 inches of travel to coupe with the roughest of terrain. You and your group will take part in high adrenaline side by side racing. With up to 4 karts on our purpose built 1000m high speed track at any one time, there will be plenty of over-taking and wheel to wheel action. 1-2 hours depending on group sizes. Minimum size 4 people.  Minimum age 16 yrs. 

Rage Rally £40.00 per person.  Book or find out more Call 0191 581 2950

Rage Rally £40.00 per person
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  • Would like to say a big thank to everyone at massive attack for a great day paintballing. 31/05/2011

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