Paintball Arenas

UK paintball sites are normally woodland based with a few oil drums scattered about. Massive Attack is a break from the norm. We took a bulldozer to a flat piece of land, sculpting mounds and digging trenches. We then built a Wild West town, erected 10ft tall pyramids and dug in army turrets. For the finishing touches we added army vehicles from around the world and two aeroplanes. The result is five exciting game zones requiring strategy and teamwork just minutes from Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham.


Wild West Town

Our wild west town brings the old west back to life.  You will feel you have been transported back in time to Dodge City 1880.  Only nifty Gunslingers will be able to manoeuvre around this arena.  If you watch closely you may even see some tumble weed blowing past the Sheriff’s office.


Modern Warfare

Covered in sand, our desert war zone features pill boxes, trenches and sand bag bunkers as well as ammo crates and oil drums. An ex army personnel carrier and amphibious supply truck, add the finishing touches to transport you from the North East of England to a Middle East War Zone.

fallout pic

Fallout Zone

A derelict wasteland of cars, broken down trucks, downed aircraft and an abandoned army vehicle are just some of the features that make up the Fall Out Zone. Paintballs ping and whizz off the metal barricades strewn across this zone. Battle with your comrades to be king of the hill or take out the road block to help your team flee the zone.


Speedball Arena

Try paintballs fastest most intense game on our purpose built Speedball field. Quick thinking and teamwork are required for this tournament style game played on a compact, flat field with lots of barricades of varying shape and size laid out symmetrically. From the start players are in sight and certainly within range so hiding is not an option. Games can last just a couple of minutes!