Top 2 Yearly Paintball Tournaments in the UK

Every year in the UK, several paintball tournaments and events take place across the country. Thousands of people wanting a piece of all the paintball action gather, no matter their age.

But, if you want to witness paintball brilliance and chaos, there are two particular yearly events here. We have Mayhem and of course the CPPS.


Every year at the Patch Park in Abridge, Essex, Mayhem Paintball stages one of the biggest paintball competitions in the country. Every year more than 600 players participate, and they form teams. Only the best gets to win of course.

Mayhem is a 3-day event pitting paintball teams against each other at one of the biggest and liveliest paintball arenas in the UK. Mayhem prides over a woodland field with amazing features such as wasteland areas and even a junk graveyard. That is just the tip of the iceberg by the way.

The event takes place every summer either in July or August. A lot of people sign-up but not everyone gets to join. Given that this is one of the top paintball events, the best of the best are the only ones who get to take part.

If you weren’t able to join the competition, then Mayhem is still open for paintball sessions. They also accommodate airsoft, low-impact paintball, laser tag, and regular walk-ins.

Central Paintballing Premier Series

The Central Paintballing Premier Series or CPPS to be exact is surely the top paintball league in the UK. More than 80 teams from 8 divisions compete for glory. CPPS is not your usual paintball battle. It is a league wherein players are required to strategize if they want to beat their enemies.

Teams compete at an air ball field and it is pure action right from the beginning. This year, NXL Europe will be participating and are expected to take it all the way. You never really know when it comes to paintball.

We are expecting a lot of returning challengers to be more aggressive these years and even a couple of dark horses. Don’t miss out on all the fun.