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Are you familiar with our online magazine? If you are then, you are familiar with the “Highlight” section in each publication. In it, we share amazing paintball stories inspired by real events.

Most of the pieces we’ve featured were written from our own experiences here at our paintball centre. Now, we are looking to share stories from all over the UK. So, we would like to ask for the assistance of our amazing readers who are also paintball beasts.

Write for Us Today

Do you have an amazing paintball story you want to share? If you do, then please share it right now. Tell us everything about it in an email. We would be more than happy to have it printed in one of our future magazine publications.

Important Guidelines

Massive Attack Paintball is suitable for all ages so there are important guidelines for this. The most important thing is that all write-ups should be original, unique and add value. We will not be accepting made-up stories and we have a screening process to make sure everything is authentic.

That is mostly it, so, we look forward to reading your submissions in the coming days. We already have a couple of stories ready for print and we are so excited to welcome more. Contact us for more.